New Technological Gadgets in the Medical World

The annual health care report released in November 2016 indicates that this year will go down history books as a year of great innovations. Healthcare technologists believe that in 2016, many new gadgets have been developed. There have been great innovations as doctors applaud the move that has helped save lives. At the same time, previously used medical software has been improved to offer immediate and reliable services to patients. They serve excellently from a financial and care perspective. According to this research North America takes the lead in IT innovations with a possible estimation that they will reach a great $104 billion in the next four years. The following two gadgets were launched recently:

The Robotic Nurse Assistant

One of the major developments that have remained trending for weeks now is the invention of the Robotic Nurse Assistant. This genius gadget has seen many nurses enjoy a better life as they get the help they need in order to offer better services to patients. Initially, many nurses were suffering from work-related injuries because of lifting patients in bed. Nurses were complaining that sometimes they lacked an assistant to help in carrying heavier patients. They had to struggle with the weight of patients making sure they do not fall down. The Robot Interactive machine was developed by RIKEN and Tokai Industries. They come fully equipped with hardware that helps in their functionality. The Hybrid Assistant Limb by Cyberdyne offers an excellent support to the commands of the robot.

The invention of artificial retina

Nano-Retina has finally managed to develop a reliable gadget that will help in sight restoration. This new gadget is believed to help those who lost their vision as a result of retinal degenerative diseases. It is a miniature device referred to as NR 600 implant. It works to professionally replace functions of damaged photoreceptors. It also creates electrical stimulations that are expected to activate existing retinas that are in good condition. It comes completely developed with implantable chip and glasses that will be worn by a patient.


We are waiting earnestly to see if another innovation in the medical world may close the year. With one month left before the year ends, we are looking forward to a better future. 2017 will come with more advanced inventions that will play a great role in changing the lives of many people across the globe. Healthcare is now administered with high levels of hygiene through the just launched gadgets that do not have any side effects.