Cowboys Trumps Vikings

Dallas Cowboys has been recording valorous victories in NFL league this season. Of course this shows the depth of preparation and untold determination among the Cowboys team. In the game that held December 1, 8:30 p.m ET, Dallas Cowboys completely trumped over Minnesota Vikings on a two-point conversion, the victory came in the final seconds of the game. What makes the game so daunting is the fact that it held in the U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. In other words, Dallas Cowboys actually defeated Minnesota Vikings in Vikings home.

In the match that aired in NBC, NFL network, Cowboys won 17-15 against Vikings. Most interestingly, Dallas Cowboys had made valorous franchise-record of 11 consecutive wins this season. This consecutive victory came after it lost during the regular season opener to the New York Giants. Of course, all the team members in Cowboys contributed greatly to the victory against Vikings but the contribution of few such as the quarterback, Dak Prescott, and the running back, Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliot, are spectacular. Perhaps the major reason why these two players stood out in the game is that they are both considered rookies.

Cowboys has proved that they are capable of winning the NFC East title and in fact they had already bragged about it and are determined to achieve the feat. The finals would hold in Dallas and this would really accord Cowboys home advantage but this cannot be predicted directly because several giants have been won in their own homes. However, Cowboys does not look like every other giants, they seem to be exceptional giants indeed, having made 11 consecutive valorous wins.

On the other hand, Vikings did their best to maintain their position against Cowboys but seemed to be overpowered. However, the team’s target is to stay as close to the Lions as much as possible in the first place. It is noteworthy that Vikings was really destabilized on losing against Lions. It was a bitter loss, however, the loss can be blamed on the bad interception thrown by the quarterback, Sam Bradford, that gave Lions the chance to win the game when it was just a few seconds to the end of the game.

As expected, Cowboys is already getting set for the playoffs and they hope that their skills coupled with the home advantage would help them to weather the storm against their opponents. Of course, this would not be a cheap meat especially because the opponents are also set out to win the game.