Review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 41, Major Spoilers for Upcoming Episode 42 Discussed!

Piccolo extends his arm and tries to grab Goku towards the end of episode 42 preview trailer and the video ends with a shot of Monaka dressed in Satan gym attire.

The summary of Dragon Ball Super of episode 42 reads, “To celebrate the victory against the team of the 6th Universe, Goku, and his friends throw a party at Capsule Corporation!

But there it is revealed that Monaka, the supposed Strongest Fighter of the 7th Universe, is actually a weakling!?” In episode 41 we saw Zeno arrive and Beerus and Champa were freaking out after seeing him. He is also the King of all universes.

At one instance, Goku is scolded by Beerus when he talks directly to Omni King. Goku ends up scaring everyone due to his informal manner while greeting Zeno himself. Zeno’s hand is shaken by Goku without any consequences, much to the relief of Champa and Beerus. After that Zeno leaves and we return to conversations with the other characters.

In the meantime, you can see Vegeta being irritated by Cabba who calls him master. In the upcoming episode, Cabba says to Vegeta that he can visit the Planet Salad.

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