Review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 41, Major Spoilers for Upcoming Episode 42 Discussed!

In episode 41 of Dragon Ball Super, we see Omni-King and his two assistants located in the middle of a ring and everyone seems rather surprised, which includes Beerus and Champa. Episode 41 of Dragon Ball Super was titled, “Come Forth, Dragon of the Gods: Grant My Wish, Pretty Peas!” and it showed us what happens after the tournament ends. Keep in mind that this article contains a recap and major spoilers for episode 41.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have been warned. The Omni-King is actually the King of 12 universes but Kaioshin doesn’t really know about him. The Elder Kaioshin calls him an idiot since he doesn’t know this. Later, Beerus and Champa are reprimanded by Omni-King since they were not performing their duties as Gods of Destruction.

In episode 41, we saw Zeno whining to Beerus and Champa because both the Gods of Destruction were not doing what they were actually assigned to do. Both of them have been sleeping and pigging out in spite of being the Gods of Destruction.

On top of that, they have been holding the tournament which some might consider being pointless and even Goku and Hit wasn’t too bothered about fighting in it.

In order to meet him, he jumps in to the ring and Beerus ends up freaking out while Goku directly tries to talk to Omni-King. In the meantime, Omni-King admits that he had enjoyed the tournament and would prefer seeing the fighters from all universes.

As a result, it is likely that Dragon Ball Super will feature one more tournament in the future. On top of that, the fighters are forgiven by Champa in case there is one more tournament held in the future.

Beerus reveals that Omni-King is really quite powerful and he has the ability to wipe away all 12 universes in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, Cabba ends up fanboying with Vegeta and starts calling him Master. Toriyama might explore the relationship between Cabba and Vegeta as disciple and mentor, which would be rather interesting to observe.

While leaving, Goku said goodbye to Hit in episode 41 of Dragon Ball Super. Elsewhere, Majin Buu, Bulma, Satan and the new dragon order are seen by the viewers. The seven dragon balls have already been seen by her but Monaka declares that they should get a map.

In the end, it is revealed that the nameless planet is the last Super Ball when Whis takes everyone in space. With the help of the Language of the Gods, Whis calls the dragon. They are located inside the body of the Super Shenlong.

According to Beerus, Planet Earth of Universe 6 needs to be revived. He also tells Bulma and others that he wants lunch and is longing for bed. In episode 42, we will see Monaka wearing Satan’s costume and fighting Goku.

Now, there will be spoilers for episode 42 ahead, you have again been warned beforehand. The upcoming episode is titled “The Chaotic Victory Party! A Showdown At Last?! Monaka vs Son Goku.”

In the episode 42 preview trailer, Son Goku is seen fighting midair with Monaka. Ever since the tournament began and Goku was promised by Beerus that he would let him fight Monaka in the future, Goku has been anticipating a fight with him.

From the looks of it, Goku’s wish will come true in episode 42. Monaka is seen landing a strong punch on one of the scenes while Goku is leading him to wander off. Soon, both have powered up in order to take the fight to the next level.