Resident Evil: ‘Zero’ and ‘The Final Chapter’ Headed to a Console and Theatre Near You!

Alice needs to return to Raccoon City, to the headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation, where the organization has teamed up the last major strike force against the zombie apocalypse. Hence, it quite literally is a do or die situation. However, Alice has it worse, since she has to travel to Raccoon City,moving amidst the zombies who are ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

In such times of dire need, Alice teams up with an old friend and a skeptical ally. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter showcases Alice’s fight against all odds to save humanity, which has already set foot on the path of extinction. Alice needs to fight the zombies while slowly losing her superhuman abilities. A new feeling that she is yet to fully understand.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is expected to hit the giant screen by January 27, 2017. Hence, we have quite a few weeks of speculation and rumor ahead of us. Are you waiting for the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter or would you rather opt for Resident Evil Zero?

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