Resident Evil Revelations 2 Co-Op Gameplay to be Released, Two Bonus Episodes Added, And More

The idea is quite intelligent in nature. It’s just weird how the game was shipped without this capability. When you are playing the game solo, it basically turns into a long, boring, rescue mission where you end up swapping back and forth between characters. To make thing worse, your AI partner is basically stupid, there no other way around it.

Sadly, the said AI partner can also take damage which makes things worse.  Presently, Capcom is currently patching the local co-op for the main campaign mode. Both local and online co-op is being included with the game’s RAID mode. In the solo-mode, the game really makes for a rather crippled experience, so players will definitely concentrate more on co-op.

In the story mode, the local co-op is presently accessible through the beta launch. RAID mode’s online co-op is supposed to launch on 31st March.

Do you favor the solo-gameplay or the co-op gameplay in Resident Evil Revelations 2? What are your thoughts on the latest released bonus episodes? Let us know in your comments below!