NBA 2K15 Releases New Patch and Locker Codes Improving Gameplay, More Details

NBA 2K15 patch updates have been released recently by 2K Sports. NBA 2K15 is one of the most real-life like a ball game, and the patch releases make sure that the similarity to the real game remains intact.

The update is called Patch 1.04 and is out for the players with the Play Station 4 and PC. Those with Xbox One will have to wait for the update, which has not yet been officially announced. The patch update for Play Station 4 is a bulky 2.84 GB. Unlike the Sony console variety, the one for the PC will not be that big.

The Patch wasn’t accompanied with any notes, which makes it difficult to understand exactly why it was launched and what changes it is set to bring to the gameplay. It is expected to improve the game stability and introduces certain updates and changes in the overall gaming experience to make it a more life-like experience.

Reports claim that the new patch update removed glitches that existed with the shoes. There was a problem where gamers of NBA 2K15 couldn’t make their characters of MyPlayer wear the sneaker that they would purchase, but that bug has supposedly been removed with Patch 1.04.

Ronnie Singh, the spokesperson for 2K Sports, has said that the new patch has removed the glitch in NBA 2K15 where the MyPark rep would get stuck. It has also introduced a host of color updates for jerseys, socks, sneakers and arm bands.

The new patch has made some changes in the player roster. The visible change was Cleveland Cavaliers roster order. Kyrie Irving now has 89 standing, Chicago Bulls’ Nikola Mirotic has OVR 79, Nerlens Noel from Philadelphia 76ers has 77 and Denver Nuggets’ Will Barton has 73. Visible changes also include the option of removing LeBron Jame’s headband and Larry Bird being available for MyPlayer.

Since the patch update didn’t come with any notes, gamers are set to discover new updates and features as they continue playing NBA 2K15 with their new patch update.