NBA 2K15 Releases New Patch and Locker Codes Improving Gameplay, More Details

Following the new patch update, NBA 2K15 has also released their NBA 2K15 locker codes in March. These codes are considered to be the cheat codes that will help gamers accumulate 15000 VC that is required to upgrade your chosen player in MyCareer and get better player for their MyTeam as well as get team gears that are similar to the ones in NBA Playoffs.

The cheats will help the gamers unlock different aspects of the game and make them easily get points for improving MyCareer, which they previously had to slog for. Gamers need to apply the NBA 2K15 Locker Codes under the Locker Code option in the main menu to get the accompanying features.

There are numerous websites that offer you the Locker Codes; updated by players who have discovered them while playing the game. There are several gamer forums for NBA 2K15 where gamers can also get to find out these lock codes to improve their game play.

NBA 2K15 also has several YouTube tutorials to help assist first-time gamers learn the ropes of the game and improve their standing and unlock players and move ahead in MyCareer.

Watch out this space for more information on Patch 1.48 and Locker Codes.