Resident Evil 7 Should Return To Its Roots, Intense Horror Is What Fans Seek!

Meanwhile, there are certain controversial things which Resident Evil 7 can learn from Resident Evil 6. One of them is multiple campaigns. Keep in mind that similar concepts have already been showcased in the past. The three different campaigns featuring Leon and Helena, Chris and Piers, and Jake and Sherry all have completely different stories.

These are stories that are made to cleverly interweave during certain watershed moments. The main feature that Resident Evil 7 adopt from 6 is the not just the presence of three different campaigns but also three different gameplay styles that are assigned to each of them. This certainly shows true innovation.

Chris comes in with the action-related combat while Leon mainly sticks to the horror-survival part of the game while Jake is involved in hand-to-hand combat, stealth missions. It seems like the game successfully attempted to cross genres.

This is certainly an interesting and innovative concept and shouldn’t be left to rust. Whatever Capcom does with the plot, they should definitely make it Epic. Stories featured in game these days are always epic, especially when it comes to blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty and The Witcher.

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