Ryan Gosling: Decides To Settle Down With Eva Mendes, The Nice Guy Gets A Deal With Cutting Edge Group!

Ryan Gosling has come out to openly talk about how happy is in his life with long term girlfriend Eva Mendes. There are rumors that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are planning their second child already. Ryan Gosling has never been the one to settle down with one woman, but Hollywood Life reported that he has realized that Eva Mendes is the one for him and is ready to get married with her.

There is a rumor of a small private marriage with family and close friends on the card. Ryan Gosling adores their daughter Esmeralda and can’t wait to have more children soon. The two are already making plans so that they can have another baby for the holiday season this year.

Ryan Gosling had gone on record to state that he doesn’t want to settle down as someone’s husband since it isn’t something that he aspires for, however, a year of being a father seemed to have changed things within him. He reported fell in love with Eva Mendes when he saw her with Esmeralda and it felt that getting married was the best thing to do.

Eva Mendes has never been one to push Ryan Gosling to get married and settle down, but she too is ready for the change in their lives and think they should do it for their baby daughter and start towards making a family of their own.

There were reports linking Ryan Gosling with her The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams. It is believed that his uncle said that Ryan and Rachel made the best couple and they should get back together.

Ryan’s uncle remembers Rachel McAdams from their Notebook days, when they were a couple. Rachel would frequently come over to chat with the family and share a couple of beer and Ryan’s uncle recalled how there was no air of being a popular actress in her.

Ryan Gosling rose to fame with his role of Noah in The Notebook, but the author of the novel, The Notebook, on which the film was based, came out to reveal something rather interesting about Noah’s role.

There were apparently no actor in Hollywood who wanted to play the role of Noah. Noah didn’t have an interesting arc in the story. He falls in love and continues to be in love with the same girl and waits for her to come back. Ultimately the casting directors had to go ahead with Ryan Gosling because they didn’t have anyone better for the role.

Ryan Gosling was informed that he is perfect for the role because he wasn’t good looking and looked like any other common guy, which they feel would be perfect for Noah’s role. Surprisingly, the film turned out to be a massive hit and Ryan Gosling was catapulted into stardom overnight.

Ryan Gosling’s new film with Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, might have been snubbed by the Oscar, but it has landed a pretty neat deal with Cutting Edge Group that has decided to get the music rights for the film.

Variety has informed that the Warner Bros. film, The Nice Guy is going to open on 20th May and it is going to join the league of other extraordinary films like The King’s Speech, End of Watch, Sicario, to have their music publishing rights with Cutting Edge.

The next Ryan Gosling film that viewers are waiting for is the sequel to the popular Blade Runner. The Blade Runner sequel will star both Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and will be in the cinemas on 12th January, 2018.