Ryan Gosling: Decides To Settle Down With Eva Mendes, The Nice Guy Gets A Deal With Cutting Edge Group!

The Blade Runner sequel will go down for production in July this year. Harrison Ford, will be back to reprise his role of Rick Deckard, from the first part and will be joined by Ryan Gosling and some other new cast members. The plot for the film is being kept under tight wrap, but the only scoop that is available is that the film is going to pick up two decades after the first film.

The original Blade Runner was directed by sci-fi master Ridley Scott, but he has handed over his reins to Denis Villeneuve, who is the director of Sicario. Ridley Scott will be a part of the film as an executive producer. The script for the film has been worked on by Hampton Fancher and Ridley Scott based on the original novel called Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep? written by Phillip K. Dick.

Scott has informed Standard that Harrison Ford will only be playing a minor role in the film. While Harrison Ford is largely going to be a part of the plot, the film will be a quest to find him, so he appears in the last part of the film.

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