New Dark Troop Coming To Clash of Clans in April, New Treasury Update for Clash of Clans Highly Criticized!

It has been revealed that Supercell will be releasing an update soon, for Clash of Clans and from the looks of it; the game developer is going big on their update even though they have yet to update Town Hall 11. Fans will meanwhile, settle for whatever updates Supercell has planned for Clashers.

The most promising update from Clash of Clans will be the inclusion of a new Dark Troop along with some added features according to a Facebook post of Clash of Clans. According to the latest rumors, the new update has been designed for Town Hall 10 and will involve a new Dark Elixir troop.

This is because it was earlier hinted that the only Town Hall which does not have Dark Elixir troop is Town Hall 10. Keep in mind that Supercell is yet to announce whether this troop will be Dark or regular troop. However, it is highly likely that this particular troop will be unlockable in Town Hall 10.

Latest rumors regarding troops in Clash of Clans bring up the name of Ice Mage and as the name suggests, this troop will have the ability to freeze enemies as well as structures. Supercell has a lot of plans to update Clash of Clans but still not news about updates for Town Hall 11.

Meanwhile, in the coming months, Supercell will be busy with their upcoming game, Clash Royale which just debuted and it is already gathering up some hype.

In a recent post from Parent Herald, Clash Royale was compared to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale seems like a more monetized game compared to Clash of Clans. Meanwhile, there are more Clash of Clans updates to be introduced but right now, the major focus is on April’s new troop to be released by Supercell.

While talking about the global launch of Clash Royale, the company officials decided to spill some beans about Clash of Clans as well. According to them, they are indeed working on a new troop but it won’t be the musketeer from Clash Royale.

It was further added by the source that they are working on the next update and they have further cool plans for the next big feature. However, Clash of Clans diehard fans will recollect that this isn’t the first time we have heard about the introduction of a new troop.

During the end of January, one of the most prevalent international YouTuber confirmed that Supercell has plans to introduce a troop that could become a game changer for the present experience.

From the looks of it, development insiders are promising the exact same thing. The evidence further suggests that this troop will improve performance at Town Hall 10 as well.

A fan asked whether that level would be getting some love in the future, to which a Clash of Clans representative said that they are currently looking at Town Hall 10.

This is next in line since it is the TH level that doesn’t have its own DE troop. At the moment, it is impossible to confirm anything but it seems quite suspicious to say the least.

In other news, a Treasury update was recently introduced in Clash of Clans in order to address various Town Hall 11 concerns but not everyone is happy about it. Some of the highlight features of the patch don’t have a lot of change and this makes it difficult for those who are playing at the higher levels.

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