New Game of Thrones Trailer Creates Panic among Fans, Is Tyrion Lannister Really Dead? Let’s See

Game of Thrones is just a few more months away. When season six of Game of Thrones finally shows up, there is only one question that every GOT fan want answered, and that is whether Jon Snow is dead or alive.

Jon Snow was knifed a dozen times by the members of the Night’s Watch and he was bleeding out on the snow looking very, very dead in the season five finale. Therefore, logically it seems possible that Jon Snow is no more. However, keep in mind that Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy and sometimes, you are permitted to throw logic out of the window.

Meanwhile, HBO is going with the fiction that Snow is dead and he will stay dead, according to a recent trailer. The recently released trailer was a teaser and it doesn’t show any real footage but you can’t help but love what they have done with it.

The spot shows us the Faceless Men’s Hall of Faces and over there, various dead cast members have all their visages returned and this kind of gives rise to a foreboding line. You witness Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark and even Joffrey but at the end of the spot, Jon Snow can be seen as well, showing a blank face and featuring a quip of his own.

He has been paired with all the other dead cast members and clearly, it is meant to indicate that Snow is actually dead but most of us are thinking of it as some kind of a false flag. At the very end of the spot, you can see Tyrion on the wall but he is not actually speaking.

When the camera zooms out, you can see the faces of all other cast members who are still alive. The teaser sends us a clear message: No one is safe but maybe, excluding Jon Snow. Bro needs to be alive!

The people at Game of Thrones are keeping everything under wraps as much as possible before the next season premieres. Therefore, people are highly anticipating what might happen in the next season. Will Jon Snow finally return? Will Tyrion be the next character who is murdered (or butchered)? Will the remaining Starks be finally reunited?

Meanwhile, other questions are like whether this will be the last season and if Ned Stark will make a comeback.

There are tons of questions but absolutely no answers available. While 24th April approaches, there will be more Game of Thrones trailers to keep us busy regarding what might happen to our beloved characters. Meanwhile, it has already been revealed by GRRM that his book, Winds of Winter is not complete by a long shot.

The last post from GRRM’s Lost Post reads, “Back when this was one long, long, long post, before Live Journal sent it to the cornfield, I mentioned opening with Dickens’ line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

So it was for me in 2015. I’ve spent much of the day recreating (in Cliff’s Note summaries) my own personal “best of times” from the previous year, all the wonderful things that went down for me in 2015, the awards and the publications and the bestseller lists, the cons and the parties, the travel, all the exciting new projects underway at HBO and right here down the street in Santa Fe.

But inevitably that brings me to my own personal “worst of times,” and that is considerably less fun to blog about, so do forgive my reluctance to do so.” He further revealed that fans are looking for an update but the real update is that Winds of Winter is not complete.  He further admits that he had no pleasure in admitting those words.