GTA 5 Online: Friends in High Places Week Underway, Leak Reveals Number of Additional Items Coming to GTA 5, And More

GTA 5 Online which is the multiplayer version of GTA 5 has become immensely popular among fans since its release. Rockstar has been releasing a number of updates for the game and holding various events within it. This has maintained the interest of fans towards the game and it has continued to draw large numbers of players every week.

Just recently the developers rolled out the latest update for the game in the form of a bonus week which has been titled Friends in High Places Week. The Friends in High Places event is already underway and it will last for a whole week. The event began on February 19 and it will come to an end on February 25.

During this week players will be given a number of bonuses that will help them to boost the in-game bank balance. Here is a list of all the events and their corresponding rewards-

  • On February 19, Friday, players were rewarded with double GTA$ and RP on all the Simeon’s Contact Missions. Additionally, they were also able to get Double GTA$ on all the Import and Export request of Simeon.
  • On February 20, Saturday, all the Ron’s Contact Missions gave players double GTA$ and RP. On that day all the blazers in the game were sold at a discount of 50 percent.
  • On February 21, Sunday, players were awarded with double GTA$ and RP on all Trevor’s Contact Missions. Additionally, there was a 50 percent discount on all the Jerry Cans in the game.
  • On February 22, Monday, double GTA$ and RP was awarded to players on all of Martin’s Contact Missions. There was also a 10 percent discount on Stilt houses on that day.
  • On February 23, Tuesday, players will be entitled to double GTA$ and RP on all of Lester’s Contact Missions. Alongside this, all of the Lester Services will be available at a discount of 25 percent.
  • On February 24, Wednesday, all of the Gerald’s Contact Missions will give players double GTA$ and RP. On that day Micro SMGs and Machine Pistols will be purchasable at 50 percent discounted rate.
  • Players will be able to earn double GTA$ and RP on all the Contact Missions of the game on the last day of the event, that is February 25, Thursday.

Apart from these, Rockstar is providing huge amounts of discounts on various items of the game all through the week. To be specific- Rifle Ammo and Body Armor is currently available at a discount of 50 percent and Grenades and Sticky Bombs are currently purchasable at a 25 percent discounted rate. All of these offers come to an end with the event on February 25.

Rockstar recently stated that they have just launched a weekly newsletter which will keep players updated about the various in-game incentives and events that will be introduced in the future. It will also enable players to keep a check on all the deals that will be available at a particular period of time.

However, it should be noted that the newsletter will not inform players about future DLCs that will be released for the game by the developers.

In other news, a leak has reportedly surfaced online that provides fans with some insights regarding an upcoming DLC that will be released for GTA 5. Apparently this new DLC will bring several new items to the game that include new missions, cars, maps, weapons and even drones, and planes.

An extensive thread at GTAForums revealed about the link. It was reported that the supposedly leaked DLC is so massive in volume that it can be touted as an expansion for the story mode of the game.

A renowned website reports that a link related to the DLC was posted on the DLC page of Grand Theft Auto wiki. The link was posted by a user by the name of porkcharsui. It was promptly removed by the moderators of the Forum when they spotted it. However, a lucky few did manage to get a look at it before it was removed.