GTA 5 Online: Friends in High Places Week Underway, Leak Reveals Number of Additional Items Coming to GTA 5, And More

It is these people who saw the link claims that several pieces of information related to supercars and new skins for yachts were found in it. These will reportedly be added to the game through a future DLC.

A particular screenshot of the link revealed everything about the leak. The screenshot showed 58 new missions, 14 new weapons, 3 bikes, 10 cars, 2 helicopters, 4 planes and a number of drones. It also showed new locations in Caligulah and Palomino.

The availability of the screenshots has been confirmed by a number of users, however, the screenshots cannot be found anywhere on the internet at the current moment and it is being assumed that they have been completely wiped out by moderators.

It should, however, be noted that the leak did not reveal anything that might provide some clues about whether the said items will be added to GTA 5 or its multiplayer version, that is GTA 5 Online.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 5 Online.