Reports of New 24K Gold-Plated Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Variant with a Brief Review of the Original Device, And More

The display has improved a lot with better peak brightness, clear readability in high ambient light along with excellent color accuracy. If you compare this device to the iPhone 6, you will find that the Note 5 is brighter with the text appearing sharper, the whites looking whiter and the images more vibrant.

The camera performs impressively in low-light settings and takes some outstanding shots when in more ideal settings. The Note 5 also has a better battery life with 13% drop per hour with 75% brightness.

If you think the battery is draining too fast, Samsung has a new technology available: fast wireless charging. If you add an extra $70, you are provided a Samsung-made charging pad and the company has claimed that the battery will go from 0 to full charge within 2 hours.

If you compare this device to the latest Google Nexus 6, the Note 5 appears vastly superior, easily beating the Nexus 6 in battery life and charging time benchmarks. It comes with a better camera, better display, better battery life, fast-charging facility, Samsung Pay; presence of a fingerprint sensor and the list is never-ending.

That being said, if you want the Android updates on the very first day it is released, you will still prefer the Nexus 6 but in all the other aspects, it is brutally conquered by the Note 5.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 5!