Evil Ryu Could Be a Part of Street Fighter 5, Worldwide Beta Test Resumes During This Weekend, And More

Recently, it was speculated that Evil Ryu and Juri might make their way into Street Fighter 5. Many people theorized that the Ultra Street Fighter 4’s Omega Mode was actually a sort of a preparation or a test for Street Fighter 5. In the Omega Mode, Ryu got himself a parry and a target combo and they were both featured in Street Fighter 5.

The combo window in Omega was quite lenient which makes it similar to that of Street Fighter 5. Right now, there is no confirmation on this belief and in case Omega was really a testing ground for Street Fighter 5, we can achieve an idea of the way in which Evil Ryu could make a transition into the Street Fighter world.

One of the main points which need to be stressed for Street Fighter is that it tends to shy away from any kind of clone-like characters. In case there are multiple Shotos, they need to be different from each other. Ken has been forced to adopt a totally different move since Ryu already took up the ‘traditional Shoto” style.

If Street Fighter 5 features Evil Ryu, he will be a character who fights at least an arm’s length away. His character will try to manipulate the opponents into positions and situations that allow him to make use of heavy-hitting moves for great damage.

Keep in mind that Ken is offensive and Ryu is defensive and Evil Ryu should be somewhere in the middle. Moreover, the target combinations that are used by Evil Ryu will very much be at home in Street Fighter 5. The regular TC used by him in Ultra Street Fighter 4 reaches to an arm’s length in front of him.

Compared to that, the Omega TC hits twice and pops up and also offers a cancel while heading into follow-up. Compared to Ultra Street Fighter 4, this is quite a major change. This is because of the almost never-ending combos and their highly offensive nature. This will basically turn him into something of a mid-range combatant.

Let’s talk about the Setting Sun Hadouken. This is a form of Hadouken which is actually quite more defensive than the original one. This one creates a wall in front of him. It is used for zoning out of the space, who are immediately located in front of him. This particular move can be similar to Evil Ryu’s V-Skill, which should be quite situational as long as in those times, when it’s practical.

This sounds like a logical move since V-skills are mainly intended for supplementing a character’s style. This is a move that would have been integral for Evil Ryu in case his comfort zone was an arm’s length away.

Zonuki is Omega Evil Distance-favored multi-hitting lunge punch. This is a more offensive version of the Setting Sun Hadouken and essentially, this would qualify for a great V-Skill. It is mainly intended for an enemy in the nearest vicinity. Moreover, two versions of this very move could be seen as a part of moves, specifically a stronger one which would be responsible for the V-Trigger.

In normal conditions, it is nothing more than a poking tool but in a powered up state, it will have the capability to hit multiple times and knock an opponent down. Evil Ryu has a defining move in USF4 with his EX-Axe Kick in the Omega Mode capable of securing multiple hits along with a pop up stomp in the end.