Remake Of Final Fantasy 7 Is On Track Reveals Tetsuro Nomura, Game Released On Android, Not Compatible With Nintendo NX!

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata has confirmed that the upcoming game isn’t going to be available on Nintendo NX has well. While he didn’t make a comment on whether the game can be incorporated into the console after an update, the fans are hopeful that this is likely in the future. While Square Enix hasn’t revealed an official release date yet, reports suggest that Final Fantasy XV is going to be launched on 30th September.

The fans of Final Fantasy 7 are going to be happy to know that the classic game has been turned into a game of monopoly. The players of Final Fantasy 7 are going to witness how the Shinra Electric Power Company had been taking over the control of daily life.

It has been draining the planet of Mako, which is a depleting natural resource. The same is being turned into energy and being sold to the people.

The game of Final Fantasy 7 is going to make the players fight Shinra. They will repair the damage that has been done to the planet and try and rectify them.

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