Release Rumors for Apple iPhone 7 indicate an Increase in the Battery Capacity, Leaked Photos Tease Essential Upgrades!

A Strategy Analytics research shows us that Apple’s market share in the smartwatch space has declined from 63 percent to 52 percent. Keep in mind that the present smartwatch market is in a nascent stage and this is still a strong number.

However, the total isn’t really great. Meanwhile, long-term Apple Watch users have already expressed that this product doesn’t really make sense to use. Cook has been making such statements in the past about Apple Watch but it wasn’t really a head-turner.

The company has been suffering from the same kind of stagnation that other companies in the market have been suffering from. The next iPhone will comprise of a dual camera setup and this is a feature that has been catching up with most of the Android phones till date.

Rumors indicate that the device will have stereo speakers but no 3.5mm audio jack. In terms of innovation, none of these appear to be groundbreaking. The only good report about the iPhone 7 so far is the increase in battery capacity.

Reports indicate that Apple will launch its first Plus branded iPhone in 2016 and it will probably be called the iPhone 7 but some reports indicate that it can be called iPhone Pro as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 7!