Release Date Rumors on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Title to be Broken Up in Several Parts!

They were always curious about it and from the looks of it, this game will be huge. Sadly, Square Enix admitted that the development of this game has hardly begun.

The gameplay trailer witnessed by fans was more like an early-stage proof of the concept. The game has been broken up into several parts and the first one is years away. People are wondering when we will get to see the game again.

It won’t be a surprise if the game appears at E3 2016 and we don’t expect news to appear anytime soon. The company will be sorely focused on Deus Ex and Final Fantasy XV.

When Square Enix announced Fabula Nova Crystalis, something similar to this happened and there was a game called Versus XIII, included in the Final Fantasy suite of that time. Well, if you remember correctly, this announcement took place in 2006 and Final Fantasy XV will be coming out in 2016. This equals 10 years between announcement and final release.

Hopefully, Square Enix has learned its lesson and is now more serious about the franchise.

At E3, the company’s sole aim will be to promote their games and eventually strive for more sales. Square Enix needs to strike a proper balance before doing that. The game developer needs players to be hyped about its games releasing in 2016. They also want the fan base to be excited about the studio as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake? Stay tuned for more updates and information on this topic!