Release Date Rumors on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Title to be Broken Up in Several Parts!

Gamers, you better brace yourselves since E3 is almost here and the entire gaming world will converge on LA in order to showcase the biggest games of the year that you will be playing this year and beyond. One of the biggest games that people are hoping to see at E3 is the new Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy 7 remake was last seen at PlayStation Experience, which took place in December last year. The first tantalizing glimpse of a modified combat system was first showcased here. It seemed to be a combination of Active Time Battle System and real-time combat.

The fans also witnessed Cloud travelling through the city of Midgar in new ways. This included squeezing between walls and ducking under objects.

Fans are definitely excited to witness the redesign of Final Fantasy 7 summons, especially Knights of the Round. People watched 13 Knights kill an enemy in HD and it got them rightfully pumped. In fact, it was one of the most interesting locales in the original Final Fantasy 7.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy 7 remake debuted last year but we won’t see a lot of it this year. Square Enix will probably focus on Final Fantasy XV, which is slated to release on 30th September.

When Final Fantasy 7 was finally announced by Square Enix last year, fans were pretty excited to know that this game exists. Sadly, since then, the developer did not issue any further reports regarding the game. According to the latest reports, the company will provide information about the game during the upcoming E3 2016.

However, the rumors are yet to be confirmed by the developers. Final Fantasy players have been quite disappointed so far since Final Fantasy 7 remake along with Kingdom Hearts 3, was not included in the list of games that would be coming out during the remaining period of fiscal year. Thankfully, if the rumors are true, fans need to wait till 2017 March, in order to get their hands on Final Fantasy 7.

The games that were included in the list are PS4 version of Rise of Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV. According to the latest speculations, fans will see trailer footage in the upcoming E3. The release date will also be announced during this event.

In an interview with Game Informer, the producer of Final Fantasy 7 remake, Yoshinori Kitase, that titles will be rolled out per episode. Each of the episodes will be like full-scale game. The producer said that it will be similar to a Full-scale game, in each part of the multi-part series.

When you are looking at individual parts, one should be on par with the scale of the entire game of Final Fantasy XIII. Meanwhile, the developers already have a pre-existing story for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense if the game is not encapsulated in a multi-part series.

It’s been a long time that Square Enix had anything to do with the words Final Fantasy. Therefore, Final Fantasy 7 is probably the biggest news to emerge out of Square Enix. The game introduced a huge amount of excitement, from longtime fans of the original game along with newcomers in the series.