Release Date of Alien 5 Scheduled for 2017, New Modified Weapon Showcased On Instagram by Director, And More

Ripley died at the end of Alien 3, but she was again brought back to life with the Xenomorph queen inside of her, intended for the movie Alien: Resurrection. The franchise wasn’t resurrected by this movie but instead, it was sent off in two different directions.

One comprised of prequels directed by Ridley Scott and the other was Prometheus. After finishing up with Chappie, which again starred Sigourney Weaver, Ridley Scott started to introduce the concept art which he had stored while coming up with the idea of an upcoming Alien film.

Hopefully, this film will be the one which brings back the entire franchise back to life.  An aged Ripley is shown in some of the concept art, followed by scarred Hicks, who further looks like Michael Biehn.

This was quite confusing since the character had been dead for the past two years. The audience was simply not attracted to the Aliens vs. Predator spin-off series along with Prometheus (personally I loved it).

However, the next chapter in the Prometheus series, which has been re-titled Alien: Covenant, will enter production soon. Meanwhile, in an Instagram post by the District 9 director, we got to witness a modified Pulse Rifle, which comes equipped with a rail integration system on the weapon. As a result, extra pads can be easily added on it.

Stay tuned for more updates on Alien 5!