Release Date for Kingdom Hearts 3 in North America Announced, Launch Window for Kingdom Hearts 3 Revealed!

It was announced by Square Enix that Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will be released this week for people playing on Android and IOS platforms in North America. So far, Kingdom Hearts fans in North America have been kept in the dark as to when Kingdom Hearts Unchained X would be releasing in North America.

It is the newest mobile entry by Square Enix for the franchise. The eighth installment to the popular franchise has been available in Japan since September last year. We already knew that a North American release was on its way but the specific release date has been kept under wraps by Square Enix, prior to this week.

Tetsuya Nomura, the video game director for Kingdom Hearts, revealed that the game would be released for both platforms, Android and IOS as early as 7th April, which is Thursday this week. The title will be quite accessible to newcomers of the series since this game is a prologue taking place prior to the original Kingdom Hearts.

It will introduce players to the world that the studio has been creating painstakingly since 2002. The game will take place in an era before the Keyblade War and gamers will be able to design their very own avatar, who will further become one of many Keyblade Warriors to roam the world.

The game further includes references and portions which are dedicated to Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, and Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. The latter is a one-hour cinematic piece taken from the standpoint of the foretellers.

Unchained X is a complete prologue according to Nomura. The three title tie-ins are all individually connected to sections coming from the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue to be released later.

Nomura further declared that parts of the game would also feature gameplay from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. Players will be able to customize their avatar with a variety of clothing options, which is seen in most mobile titles.

A lot of them are derived from Kingdom Hearts titles. It was recommended by Nomura that there should be a combination of Dream Drop Distance version of “The World Ends with You” Neku and the black coat of Organization XIII.

The game doesn’t talk about any micro transactions and it looks like players can avoid spending as much as $7000 on the game. The title after being released in Japan is available for free on various mobile devices.

The price for North American release hasn’t been confirmed by Square Enix. It has been guessed that the game will follow suit as a free release.

Square Enix released the Kingdom Hearts franchise in Japan around 14 years back and the series instantly became a success thanks to the familiar blend of Disney worlds in the game. It further featured amazing Final Fantasy characters as well.

There have been several new releases in the in the action series along with a lot of re-releases. The occasional mobile game has also been released over time. Every Kingdom Hearts game has its own charm but some games are certainly better than others.

Amazon has confused a lot of customers about with the pre-order launch date shift. Crossmap further revealed that Amazon posted a 2017 release date for their ‘Kingdom Hearts 3″ pre-orders. The scheduled release date was posted as 2nd January, 2017.

The date which was presented led to a lot of fans believing that this title would not arrive till 2016. It is possible that the game would release in Early 2017. Amazon decided to talk to fans about this misunderstanding: