Real Estate Sector in Tehran Stable: Ali Nikzad

The Transportation and Housing Minister of Iran, Ali Nikzad, recently said that the home market in Tehran is stable and there is nothing to worry about with the conditions that are prevailing. People can stay worry-free about the real estate market in Tehran. In the past few years, there has been a drastic change in the home market in Iran and it has become more stable.

Most of the credit for such a stable home market in Tehran is attributed to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government, which eliminated the volatility present in the residential housing market. Ali Nikzad recently spoke to reporters while he was visiting Pardis. He also said that when the housing project in Pardis is completed, there will be 90,000 residential apartments available, which can be used by the citizens of Tehran.

The Ministry of Transportation & Housing has done a wonderful job in Pardis and they have constructed various cultural and religious places of interest. The infrastructure includes mosques, police stations, trading centers, and it will be built soon. As there are only a few infrastructural amenities available in Pardis, more will be constructed in the near future.

People who have ordered residential spaces previously will be taking possession beginning next month. There are three different types of houses built and residents will be able to choose the houses based on their requirements and affordability. To further promote the purchase of houses, the government has also worked out a policy to provide loans at lower interest rates.

Ali Nikzad also spoke about how rapidly the home market of Iran is developing. He also stated that licenses were granted for 400,000 residential houses in the past 22 months alone. Due to this, there is a major boost in the residences available for the citizens of Tehran and all the housing related problems have been mitigated.

Being one of the most populated and largest cities in the West of Asia, Tehran is the largest urban city in Iran and has a population of a whopping 8,300,000, and there are 14 million residents in the urban areas of Iran.