Iran not to Extend Military Support to Syria

In a recent turn of events, the Ambassador of Iran to Russia, Seyyed Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi, said that Iran will not send troops or any other type of military support to Syria. This happened recently, as Iran was blamed by the European Countries of supporting Syria both financially and with arms.

The major advantage of Syria is that it boasts of a powerful army and due to this, the government of Iran has not sent any of its army units or intelligence forces inside Syria. Also, Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi refuted all the reports stating that Iran is providing military support and called such accusations baseless and fake.

In the previous year, the Free Army of Syria was successful in detaining 37 people belonging to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, better known as the IRGC. On arresting, there was a thorough check on the identities of the people. Finally, due to the efforts put in by Iran, Qatar and Turkey together, they were able to free the agents from the captivity of the Syrian Free Army.

He also went on to say that there are no plans by the Government of Iran to provide aid logistically and financially to Syria as there are sufficient resources available with Syria, which would easily to help them deal with all the internal and external threats they receive.

The Ambassador to Russia also discussed about the terrorist groups present in Syria. Hezbollah from Lebanon had no intentions of taking part in the Syrian war and due to the recent insurgencies, soldiers had to be sent forward so that they can team up with the Syrian army to fight the war. However, Iran is totally supporting Syria in the recent days.

This is mainly due to the arising tensions prevailing between Iran and Israel as Iran is not clear about its nuclear policy and programs. Syria has also extended support to Iran as it is actively helping Iran by smuggling arms to Hezbollah to fight against Israel. Syria and Iran go a long way back as they are close allies and have helped each other previously.