Below 29 Years Constitute for Half of the Total Drug Addicts in Iran

With Iran being a major hub for international narcotic routes, it has also transformed a major chunk of youths into drug addicts. As per the recent statistics that were made public by the Drug Control Headquarters of Iran, the average age of drug addicts in the country has dropped from the previous 23.5 years to 21.

Breaking down the statistics even further, it was found that 45% of the drug addicts were below 29 years old, and 30% of them were of the 30-39age group. The regulating department for DCHQ of Iran, the Iran Police, had carried out a similar survey six years before and, when compared, it was found that the scenario has worsened in the present day.

The reports also indicated that there are 1,325,000 drug addicts presently in Iran, which is tremendously high when compared to the previous study conducted six years ago, which found that there were only 1,200,000. The number of people abusing drugs is increasing rapidly in the Middle Eastern country of Iran.

The Drug Control Headquarters of Iran is starting to worry about this and considers this to be a major threat. With more people falling for drug abuse, there is a direct threat to the productivity of Iran. They are trying out all possible options to get the count down and reduce the amount of drug abuse.

The report also showed a shift in the patterns of drug addicts. Previously, the narcotic consumers used to follow a different model. But in the present day scenario, the drug addicts are switching to cheap narcotics such as the crystals that have flooded the market recently.

Some of the drug analysts state that the problem of drug addicts in Iran is the worst in the world and that no other country faces such trouble. As per reports, the number of habitual drug users can range between anything from one million to three million. Also, 130,000 people fall for drug addiction annually, as per the Chief of Iran Police.