Ali Motahari in Favor of Postponed Sanctions by U.S. Government

One of the popular members of the Parliament of Iran, Ali Motahari, is in appreciation of the new policy decided by the U.S. Government, a policy of delaying the imposition of new sanctions on Iran’s economy, despite the actively ongoing nuclear case of Iran. This will help the Iranian economy to stay stable.

Ali Motahari is of the opinion that the U.S. Government has extended the hand of friendship towards Iran and says that it is now the duty of Iran to reciprocate the same. He is of the idea that there must be direct talks held with the Western countries’ diplomats and officials to reach an amicable solution to the nuclear case of Iran.

Recently, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, the apparent Supreme Leader of Iran, stated that there is no ban put in force by the Islamic Republic to stop talks with the officials from Western nations. Ali Motahari is of the impression that the Supreme Leader also wants to develop relationships with the Western Countries so that it becomes favorable for both the countries and it would serve as a major boost to the economy of Iran.

As of now, there are no official talks ongoing between the Islamic republic of Iran and the Western countries. There are no unofficial communication channels active as of now either. Motahari thinks that the cause for the severing of talks in due to the improper decisions taken by the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, there was no face-off between Ahmadinejad and Motahari regarding this issue as of this date.

Ali Motahari appreciated and was in favor of the recent development by Jack Straw, which indicated movement towards the establishment of better relations between Iran and the U.K. Jack Straw is not a diplomat in the Government of the U.K., but still, importance must be given to his ideas and thoughts to enable better relationships between both the countries.

Ties between the U.K. and Iran had become bumpy recently when students in Tehran raided the U.K. Embassy, and this had led to ties being cut between both the nations. Furious with this, the U.K. asked for the evacuation of all the embassies and consulates of Iran in the U.K.