Abbas Araghchi Asks to Improve Relations with Saudi Arabia

Recently, the spokesperson from Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Abbas Araghchi, said that the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, looks forward to work on improving the ties they have with Saudi Arabia. He also called forward the officials from Arab nations to help them in improving the relations mutually, so that all the Muslim Nations located in the Middle East have better co-operation and stay united.

The countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia look forward to improve on their relationship in the days to come. The interest to improve with Saudi Arabia ties was clearly shown by Hassan Rouhani. Araghchi stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks for improved relations with the Government of Saudi Arabia, when he was asked by the news reporters in an interview.

In the past, the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia took a toll due to the regional issues that arose between both the nations. However, when Iran was led by Ayatollah Akbar Rafsanjani, the ties were comparatively better. Abbas Araghchi also stated that the reason for sectarian issues between both the nations were mainly due to Western countries. He also went on to say that Western nations are trying to create ground for misunderstandings between the religious leaders of Muslim nations.

The main reason for this is to target the religious radicals in the Western nations and their beliefs. Due to this, wars are started and the only people who suffer from these are innocent citizens; who are injured and dead to a great extent. Iran has also condemned the terrorist attacks that recently happened in Iraq and Lebanon.

Abbas Araghchi also expressed displeasure about how difficult it is for the Iranian nationals to seek residency permits in other countries due to this. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has already extended a helping hand to such individuals but they are not keen on seeking help.

The Ambassadors of various countries such as Iran, Japan and Finland stressed on the fact of illegal immigration. They wanted the media to bring to light the difficulties faced by people if they wish to immigrate illegally.