Ragnar to Attack Paris Again in Vikings Season 4 Along with Fine hair, Frankia Unsure of Rollo’s Stand, Lagertha Murders Kalf On Wedding Day!

The Paris attack had left Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) almost dead, but he hasn’t been able to forget the betrayal that he faced in the hands of his brother, Rollo (Clive Standen). Rollo on the other hand had been trying to make his mark in the Parisian court so that he can make a stronghold there.

The upcoming episode will see Ragnar getting ready to head to Paris once again. He will enter an uneasy alliance with King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) where the two will join forces to raid Paris. King Harald Finehair had been trying to eliminate Ragnar for a while now and he feels that taking the weak Ragnar for a raid in Paris is the easiest way to eliminate the enemy.

Finehair will not have to do anything and Ragnar will be killed in the battle. This will save him personally killing the ruler of Kattegat and bearing the consequences of the Vikings and will also give him a chance to take over the reign of the kingdom from the Vikings, as he had always been planning.

As Inquisitr reports, Finehair will not have such an easy task at hand. He thinks that he can easily get on to the throne of Kattegat and become the undisputed ruler of Norway, but he doesn’t know that he will have to contend with a lot of potential heirs to the throne.

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is going to be the contender that Finehair will have to deal with at first. The viewers have already seen in the previous episode of Vikings Season 4 that Bjorn had tackled a huge bear in the wilderness and has come out victorious. Keeping this in mind, Finehair doesn’t pose any threat to him at all.

Ragnar announces in the sixth episode of Vikings Season 4 that the Vikings will lay a second raid on Paris. The Vikings fleet meets with a terrible storm on their way to Paris, but they know that the main challenge lies in front of them where they have to deal with one of their own.

Moving to Paris, the viewers will see Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) still unsure of Rollo’s stand. Rollo has won his favor, but none is aware of which side he is going to pick when the Vikings attack Paris. Even though Rollo has handed over his arm ring to his new wife,Gisla (Morgane Polanski) Frankia isn’t sure if Rollo is still one of them.

Emperor Charles will be seen requesting Rollo not to team up with the Vikings when he brother Ragnar leads them to the country for the second attack.

Rollo is determined that he will not break the trust of his new found alliance and that he will stand with Frankia against the Vikings, but since he has already betrayed his men once, he isn’t very trustworthy any more. However, Rollo has a chance to fight and win against his brother and he isn’t going to let it go easy.

The fight between Rollo and Ragnar is inevitable. Ragnar is already under the influence of the new drug that Yidu (Dianne Doan) had introduced him to and viewers doubt how far he can battle intoxicated.

There are chances that Rollo and Ragnar will meet at battle and fight and Rollo might come out victorious since trailer show Ragnar with stained lips indicating that he has been consuming the betel nuts that he was introduced to by Yidu.