Cast Members to Direct Upcoming Episodes of Criminal Minds Season 11, Derek Morgan to Get into Bigger Danger!

There has been a lot of buzz about the episode dealing with the “sandman” in Criminal Minds Season 11. The episode is going to explore an interesting story where the UnSub is going to abduct the children from their homes while the parents are sleeping.

While this is odd enough, what makes it more interesting it that the UnSub would shut the eyes of the parents with sand and glue before abducting the kids.

The name for the title has been derived from mythology, where the character of Sandman is believed to sprinkle magical substance on the eyes of the victims so that they fall into deep sleep. The situation becomes eerie in the series since the UnSub glued the eyes of the parents.

The episode is going to be directed by Joe Mantegna, the actor who plays the role of Rossi in Criminal Minds. Given the nature of the crime and the fact that the team has some issues in profiling the UnSub, the Behavioral Analyst Unit of the FBI calls in for help from one of their own.

Christian Today has reported that Paget Brewster will be brought back as Agent Emily Prentiss in the episode so that she can help her old colleagues in the case. Prentiss had left the BAU to head to Interpol.

With her coming back, there are speculations that she will start featuring regularly in the series. This, however, isn’t going to be a regular affair and Paget Brewster is back in the series only as a guest star.

While the BAU already has their hands full, they have to contend with an unknown force that is targeting their team. Derek Morgan(Shemar Moore) had been abducted and tortured and almost didn’t make it in the previous episode and spoilers from the upcoming episodes hint that he is going to almost get killed or forced to watch his fiancée Savannah get killed. It is going to be a race against time for the BAU to save their own.

Morgan had survived the earlier torture only because he had hallucinated about his father. The viewers realize that Morgan had become an agent only because his father had been killed and he realizes how important his father was to him. Morgan is reminded about the brutal way in which his father was killed when he was being tortured.

After surviving the attack, Morgan decides to ask his pregnant girlfriend Savannah (Rochelle Aytes) for marriage because he realized the importance of a father in a kid’s life. Morgan enters a dream like state where he thinks of a perfect day and it features Savannah and their two unborn kids and he makes up his mind.

Carter Matt has reported that Morgan is so focused on getting his abductor that his mind is clouded and he will be asked to sit out for the current case. However, Morgan tries to prove himself and almost gets the UnSub and walks into the deadly trap.

Erica Messer has added that there is a lot going on for Derek and he will continue taking the emotional headspace of the viewers in the upcoming episodes.

The upcoming episode, A Beautiful Disaster has been written by cast member Kirsten Vangsness along with Eric Messer, who is the showrunner for the series. The episode is also going to be directed by Matthew Gray Gubler. The show will test the whole team and will prove how far they can go to save their own before it is too late.