Cast Members to Direct Upcoming Episodes of Criminal Minds Season 11, Derek Morgan to Get into Bigger Danger!

Enstraz has reported that given the kind of story arc that is being created for Shemar Moore’s character, there is a chance that he will be asked to retire from the FBI and will be removed from the show.

Derek has been hearing voices inside his head and has been very messed up. He doesn’t want to just sit and wait. He wants to go out there and get his abductor and this makes Hotch (Thomas Gibson) keep him out of the case.

However, there is a particular season in the next episode that shows the BAU members looking at the CCTV camera to watch Derek leave to get his abductor on his own. Fans will be shocked to know that there is going to be a moment when Derek will call Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to tell her something that will make her drop the phone.

Harry Bring, the executive producer of Criminal Minds Season 11 had tweeted to inform the fans that they should be ready for the shocker that is coming their way in episode 18. Morgan is one of the most beloved character on the show and fans are hoping that the creator will let him go with serious injuries in the worst of situation and will not kill him off.

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