2016 Apple MacBook Pro Not Unveiled at The March 21 Apple Event, Might Come Packed with The Latest Skylake Processor from Intel!

The 2016 MacBook Pro from Apple is one of the most anticipated devices of recent times. A number of rumors and speculations regarding the device has been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time now.

It was previously reported that Apple will unveil the device at the special event which was held on 21st March. However, unfortunately, Apple did not lift the veils off of the device at the said event. The event was held at the headquarter of the company which is located in Cupertino, California.

It was also reported that if Apple abstains from unveiling the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro at the upcoming event, it will then be revealed at the Worldwide Developer Conference which is scheduled to be held in June. Loos like that will be the case as it was not launched at the March 21 event.

However, experts are reportedly of the opinion that releasing the device at the WWDC might not be a good idea. Apparently, they believe that launching the device in the middle of the year might have an effect on its sales.

It has been seen in the past that a new laptop is generally rolled out by Apple during the first quarter of any year. Thus, it was highly anticipated that the device will be rolled out at the March event.

It was previously announced by Apple that supports for the 17-inch Mac Pro, 15-inch Mac Pro and the 2009 Xserve will be not be provided anymore. This sparked rumors that since Apple is ready to roll out the new Mac Pro, it will no longer provide support for the said devices.

Rumors have it that the Mac Pros that will be unveiled by Apple in the ongoing year will come in two variants, one a 13-inch one and the other a 15-inch one. These devices will reportedly be thinner than its predecessors.

A renowned website reports that the OS X Server that is used by Apple to manage a number of machines might has provided a hint about the 2016 Mac Pro’s release date. A tipster has reportedly been able to spot a reference about the upcoming device in the OS X Server App.

A list of supported models for the OS X was listed by the app and among them was a 12-inch MacBook Pro. The app marked it for an early 2016 release and since it was not released on 21st March, it is likely that it will be unveiled at the WWDC in June.

At the present moment, two Mac Pros are currently existent in the market, which are the 13-inch variant and the 15-inch variant. The 13-inch model was released in March 2015, while the 15-inch one hit the market in the month of May of the same year.

Rumors pertaining to the upcoming Mac Pro suggest that it will carry the latest Skylake processor from the house of Intel. A detachable keyboard and a touchscreen is also on the cards.

As for the existing Mac Pros, the 13-inch one packs a quad-core Broadwell processor and the 15-inch model is powered by a Haswell processor. Both of these processors have become somewhat outdated in recent times and it is unlikely that Apple will use any of the two in the upcoming device.

The latest Skylake processor has already been used by companies like HP, Microsoft, and Dell in a number of their respective devices. Thus, it is highly likely that Apple will use the same in the new Mac Pro so that it doesn’t lag behind in the technical aspect.

The Skylake processors is faster compared to any other processor currently existing in the market. Reports also state that the processor optimizes battery usage, which will result in a prolonged battery life of the device.