2016 Apple MacBook Pro Not Unveiled at The March 21 Apple Event, Might Come Packed with The Latest Skylake Processor from Intel!

As for the operating system of the device, it is being rumored that the 2016 Apple Mac Book Pro might come loaded with the OS X 10.12 operating system. The OS will come with the support for the Apple assistant Siri for Mac.

Reports also suggest that the new Optane memory technology from Intel might also be used in the device. In a previous announcement, a new type of storage technology called the 3D XPoint was introduced by Intel and Micron.

Apparently, this new storage technology is 10 fold faster compared to the DRAM or dynamic random access memory. It is also 1000 times faster and more durable compared to the NAND flash storage.

It was reported that this new technology would be introduced to the market under the Optane brand name. Various reports suggest that Apple might use this particular technology in the upcoming Mac Pro.

However, it was also stated that the technology might not be made available before the end of the ongoing year. In that case, it won’t be making an appearance in the upcoming Mac Pro. That being said, chances are there that this technology might show up in future devices from Apple.

Stay tuned for more update on 2016 Apple MacBook Pro.