Rachel Nichols Belittled By Goodell, Interviews The Final Four Coaches!

Goodell’s comment has irked feminists and reporters. Reports claim that Goodell wouldn’t have spoken in this condescending fashion with a male reporter. The episode has been highlighted by other reporters also who have criticised Goodell for his response and his inability to answer a brilliant question.

Goodell was rather rattled by the question as he didn’t see it coming. His inability to tackle with him cost him badly. His press conference was a complete disaster. He kept on repeating that it had been a long year for him and everyone and that they should learn from their mistakes and move on.

The only news that was good in Goodell’s conference was the announcement that NFL is going to hire a Chief Medical Officer to look into the safety of the players and the medical policies of the league. According to Goodell, NFL is also pledging $45 million to teaching safe tackling techniques in the youth football leagues.

Nichols hosted March Madness Special. In another show, Nichols will give the viewers an all access pass to the heart of the Final Four in Indianapolis right before the tip-off. Nichols will also sit with the coaches of the final four to discuss everything relating to their teams- from the games to the locker room and recent controversies.

Rachel Nichol is unfazed by Goodell’s response. She is at an all time high in her career as a CNN reporter.