Apple iPad Mini 4 Rumors and Leaked Hardware Specs, Device Compared to Latest Microsoft Surface 3, And More News

Currently, there have been a lot of rumors involving the Apple iPad Mini, and recent photos suggest the upcoming release of an Apple iPad Mini 4. Apple could be releasing a major update in their iPad line of devices through the launch of their iPad Mini 4. The devices appear to be quite thinner than that of it predecessors will be more like an iPad Air 2 rather than the previous models. The recently leaked photos of the leaked casing indicate that the device will have a single row speaker grill located on the bottom on either side of the Lightning Port. Furthermore, it dispenses with the mute/lock switch, similar to the latest iPad Air model.

There are certain major differences that set it apart from the latest iPad Mini. When you take a look at the chassis, you will notice a big antenna cutout at its top with a SIM slot located on the right side. It makes the 7.9 inch tablet appear to be more like a cellular version of the iPad Mini 3. After the lukewarm response of the Apple iPad Mini 3, users are greatly anticipating the launch of the iPad Mini 4. Last year, after the release of the iPad Mini 3, there weren’t many changes that set it apart from the Mini 2, besides the addition of a Touch ID along with a color option in Gold.

After the leaked photos of the Apple iPad Mini 4 shell, users could be expecting the next generation device match the specifications of the iPad Mini 3. Earlier, the Apple iPad Mini 2 received a major upgrade with performance enhancements through its new and blazing-fast 64-bit chip A8X processor along with an 8MP camera with full-1080p support. Rumors indicate that the Apple iPad Mini 4 will get the same improvements, and the recent speculations indicate an A9 processor with 2GB memory similar to that of the iPad Air 2.

There isn’t much detailed information involving the Apple iPad Mini 4. Reports suggest that this device will be released in October this year with a primary price of $399.