Apple iPad Mini 4 Rumors and Leaked Hardware Specs, Device Compared to Latest Microsoft Surface 3, And More News

In other news, Microsoft dropped Surface 3 at the end of March, amidst surprise from Microsoft fans and users. At the moment, most rumors are targeted towards Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but the revelation of a new laplet surely turned quite a few heads. The device is aimed at a larger customer base and Microsoft intended the Surface 3 to be the very best of Surface Pro 3.All of it is packed into an affordable and highly convenient slate. The major rivalry in the tablet arena makes it important to find out how it fares against its competitors.

According to ZDNet, the Surface 3 features a quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor with 2MB supported cache and Intel Burst Technology with support up to 2.4GHz. Furthermore, the device is offered in 128GB and 64GB models, running on 4GB and 2GB of RAM respectively. Compared to that, the iPad Mini 4 will run on an A8X processor with the same chip found in iPad Air 2. It promises 40% faster performance and 180x faster graphics. Meanwhile, the RAM is reported at 2GB.

Which device do you think is superior, the Apple iPad Mini 4 or the Microsoft Surface 3? Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPad Mini 4!