Luke Hemmings: New Bro-Love with Ashton Irwin, Spotted Running Naked All Over the Place!

Luke Hemmings has a new way to get off his Jennifer Lawrence rumor off the radar. This time round, the member of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, reached out to his band’s drummer.  Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings have a beautiful bromance to flaunt about! With Ashton’s latest Instagram post, it is very evident that the two have a lot of good camaraderie flowing between them.

This might have shifted the attention of its fans from Luke Hemmings’ last remark where we spoke about his desire to go around with actress Jennifer Lawrence, but has this opened up new controversies about the supposed closeness and distance among the band members.

We have on one side Ashton showing his close uncanny resemblance with Luke whereas on the other we have nothing on Calum Hood and Michael Clifford. Why are the two left out of the party of the brothers? This latest development will certainly make some fans of 5SoS ponder upon things.

Luke Hemmings has been in the news for not just his bromance with fellow band member Ashton Irwin, but his comments during some of his recent interviews. His interview with Top Pop magazines has also caught the media attention.

Luke Hemmings has gone up to admit the fact that he likes to walk around bare body in his 5 Seconds of Summer tour bus, which just does not make his fellow mates feel uncomfortable, but gets their driver in a fix with the latter ending up being speechless.

The Australian lead vocalist was recorded saying that on his tour bus in America half an hour after they got on the bus, the driver saw Luke naked as he was jumping up and down the bus wearing nothing.  He admits that the incident was funny but also weird!