Luke Hemmings: New Bro-Love with Ashton Irwin, Spotted Running Naked All Over the Place!

With Luke hemming confessing his love for Jennifer Lawrence just weeks back, it looks like that this rumor has caught the attention of more people than just the ‘Silver Lining Notebook’ actress.

We have Master Herald confirm to us that the vocalist is strictly adhering to the no girlfriend policy of 5 Seconds of Summer and is very much single. The band has a huge list of female fans that are loud and vocal about their love for the members of 5 Seconds to Summer. Teen girls have gone gaga over the members of the band-Luke Hemmings to be precise.  The band enjoys a good overall popularity not just in their home country in Australia, but also in UK and US.

With Selena Gomez and Aleisha McDonald expressing their love for the band a while back, is there a chance of these two girls ever dating the members of 5 Seconds to Summer?

With Luke and Ashton showing off their bromance, Luke showing kid like attributes of running around tour bus wearing nothing at all to his past comments over his desire to date Jennifer Lawrence the band has managed to be in the news for some reason or the other. It is only with time that we know if these gossips are what keeps them in the news or whether it is their music that keeps them in the focus.

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