Prometheus 2: Scott Speaks About The Plot, Pushes Back Alien 5 To Work On His Film!

Sigourney Weaver is going to be back in the Neill Blomkamp film to reprise the role of Ellen Ripley. The role of Colonel Dwayne is also going to be taken up again by Michael Beihn. There are speculations that the film is going to have plot somewhat similar to the one in the game Alien: Isolation.

SciFied has reported that Ridley Scott is very busy with the filming and post production work on The Martian and only after it is released in November, will he be free to start work on Prometheus 2. Ridley Scott is working on The Martian with Matt Damon. Total Film Magazine quoted Scott as saying that he is back into the world of sci-fi films and he loves it.

Even though there are official words about Prometheus 2, this doesn’t stop fans from speculating about the much anticipated movie. They are still coming up with theories related to the movie.

Fans claim that the Engineers are not the creators of human beings. Rather they are lesser beings as compared to the higher beings who created humanity. These higher beings are the ones who have started in motion events across numerous planets included Earth.

With director Nimrod Antal hinting at a part 3 of Prometheus fans are happy to know that there is going to be another film that is going to be headed their way from the master craftsman Ridley Scott.

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