Pokémon Z: Expected To Be Released On The 20th Anniversary, Will Have The Character Of Floetta, And More Details

There seems to be silence looming over the world of Pokémon. Fans were hopeful that there’s going to be some news coming their way after the completion of the World Championships, but there hasn’t been any news. Apart from the starting of the Pokken Tournament in North Americas, there is news no news about when the next Pokémon game will be released.

There were a lot of speculations after the 4Chan rumors were started, with news about the supposed release dates, but it all turned out to be a hoax and now there has not been any update on Pokémon Z since then.

Ever since the 1996, when Pokémon was first introduced, this is going to be the first year that a Pokémon game hasn’t been released. There have been a lot of rumors about Pokémon Z, but no official news about the same.

Nintendo has been uncharacteristically silent about the Pokémon games, which had scared the fans onto believing that maybe they have given up and abandoned the project. However, there are some who believe that Nintendo is working on the Pokémon games and is waiting to make any official announcements about it until 2016.

Latest news is that there is going to be a strategy meeting about the future of the Pokémon franchise in Japan. This news has been reported by the Pokémon site in Japan after a press conference that was held on 10th September.

There’s more good news for the fans. According to the news, the meeting is going to be live streamed on the video streaming site NicoNico from Japan. The official page of NicoNico mentions that the meeting will be called to introduce new partners. Apart from this, there is going to be discussion on the main thing that the fans of Pokémon Z are looking out for- the talk regarding the 2016 Pokémon game.

For the fans who are not going to be able to watch the live streaming of the meeting, Joe Merrick, the webmaster of Serbii is going to be live tweeting the whole meeting on his Twitter page. Merrick has also disclosed that the meeting might also mark a transition for the Pokémon franchise towards mobile devices.

Nintendo is branching off and expanding their franchise in the mobile platform, after realizing that these days with all the fans possessing a smartphone, the mobile platform is one of the main areas to focus and expand into. For the fans of Pokémon, they are already thinking of introducing the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, but fans will have to wait for the end of the meeting to get the confirmation on this news.

There is a lot of speculation about which Pokémon is getting the prime spot in the upcoming installment. There are reports that one Pokémon who is likely to chosen for the lead role in the franchise is Floette or the Flower Pokémon.

The Nintendo World Report states that a special form of the Flower Pokémon Z is going to be introduced, called the Eternal Flower Floette. This rumor was started by International Director of Consumer Marketing of The Pokémon Company, J. C. Smith said at the Pokémon World Championship that fans can expect flowers to be a prominent feature in the next game.

There are more news coming your way. CoroCoro is likely to release its latest issue soon and it is expected to contain information about the green blog and also reveal more information about Mega Zygarde and all other details regarding the Pokémon movie.