Pokémon Z: Expected To Be Released On The 20th Anniversary, Will Have The Character Of Floetta, And More Details

According to Lazygamer, Zygarde has enjoyed the central position in most of the things that Nintendo has done with the Pokémon universe. Zygarde is expected to enjoy a central place in both the Pokémon games and the upcoming movie from the franchise.

The Lazygamer has also informed that the next installment of Pokémon Z will be like a compilation of games like Emerald and Platinum. The movies that are released from the Pokémon franchise are usually ways to promote the games that are based on the same plot and characters. This indicates that the images that will be shown in the movie Mega Evolution Act IV is going to give fans a direct hint of what to expect from the next game.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise and fans are hopeful that the occasion will see the release of Pokémon Z, which is the sequel to Pokémon X and Y. With no official word on Pokémon Z, avid Pokémon fans can be happy to know that Super Mystery Dungeon is going to be released on gaming consoles very soon. Fans can also watch the latest trailer of Super Mystery Dungeon on YouTube.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon releases in Japan on 17th September. Leave a comment and tell us what your expectations are.