Prometheus 2 And Alien To Release Together, Shaw Set To Die, And More

Prometheus 2 will see Dr. Shaw and David’s (Michael Fassbender) journey in search of answers. Shaw is determined to not go back home until she has got her answers and there is a chance that she might end up losing her life in the process.

Telegraph has let out that Dr. Elisabeth Shaw is going to die in the film and her shoes are going to be filled by another lead actress. Ridley Scott and the other members of the production team have been tight-lipped about the casting for the new lead.

Ridley Scott is known for being very secretive about the plans for his upcoming movies, but seeing the buzz surrounding Prometheus 2 in the social media, he came out to inform fans about his plans.

At an interview with The Australian, Scott revealed that he is planning on introducing two new aliens in the upcoming film. He has confirmed that the fans are not going to see the Xenomorphs in the sequel of the film, but the new aliens are going to be similar to them.

Alien 5 that is set to hit the theatres with Prometheus 2 has confirmed that Signourney Weaver will come back to play the role of Ellen Rippey again and it is speculated that she will come face to face with the Xenomorphs.