House Of Cards Season 4 Set To Roll Out During US Presidential Elections, Spacey Not In The Director’s Role, And More

House of Cards fans are awaiting good times. With the confirmation of the 4th installment of the political drama, the fans just cannot wait before the show is on air once again. Reports suggest that the work on House of Cards Season 4 will begin this summer and the fans have to wait until April 2016 before they have it on air.

It is assumed that House of Cards Season 4 will be aired sometime in the fall next year. It collides with the US Presidential elections.  Season 3 of the House of Cards ended with Claire Underwood leaving her husband Frank.

There were clear signs given of a divorce making way in season 4 and rumors suggest that after the couple splits in season 4, Frank will be challenged by Claire for the post of the President of United States of America. Underwood is seen as the toughest rival Frank is going to have as she is well versed with all his secrets.

We had Beau Willmon, the show runner say that a lot of the show is based on the marriage. He further says that the team has laid some groundwork in the previous two seasons for Frank and Claire to split, so there is no turning back from this idea. He was also heard saying that this break up will make the show even more exciting.

We can certainly imagine House of Cards Season 4 getting an interesting turn, because this is no ordinary divorce. Frank and Claire Underwood will end up becoming the most dangerous opponent to each other. The two are aware of all the secrets that the other has and this makes their candidacy and rivalry so interesting.

In a recent interview with the stars of the House of Cards, the actors were not forthcoming about what the fans can expect in House of Cards Season 4. The actors answered rather diplomatically and it was clear that they will keep their lips tight. On a lighter note they said said that if they were to open their mouth they would be thrown in front of a moving train.