House Of Cards Season 4 Set To Roll Out During US Presidential Elections, Spacey Not In The Director’s Role, And More

Kevin Spacey when interviewed cleared that he will not be going behind the camera as the director. He went on to say that the sole reason behind this decision is the time crunch. With acting, taking up the responsibilities of a director becomes rather difficult. He mentioned that as a director, the site needs to be inspected and proper decisions are to be taken, which eventually becomes a daunting task.

This is certainly not all when it comes to House of Cards Season 4 making news. There are reports that suggest that, Netflix is looking for someone new to play the role of the President of the United States of America. Sources say that the online streaming company could have zeroed down on the Asterix actor Gerard Depardieu for the role in the French House of Cards.

With all this news there is a rumor that House of Cards Season 4 is not going to come to an end in the near future. It is reported that the show will go on for 12 years with 12 seasons to go.