Probable Release Dates For Vikings Season 4, Lurking Spoilers, Sneak Peak At Lagertha’s Transformations and New Beautified Regal Look

While some spoilers show clippings of Lagertha leading her army of shield maidens towards Kattegat, there are also many floating speculations that maybe Hedeby is going to fire an attack on Kattegat to fight away Lagertha’s effort to win the crown.

Even though Katheryn Winnick hinted at some probable “cat fight” between Queen Aslaug and Lagartha, she also added that the final result would leave the audience perplexed and baffled, saying that the outcome might not just be anything like what the fans are expecting.

The trailer showed Ragnar taking Ivar under his wing, with promises that he eventually will be the most feared Viking of all, despite being crippled.

Alex Hogh Anderson, who is playing the role of Ivar the Boneless in the TV series, posted two pictures on his Instagram that indeed hinted that the second half of season 4 is indeed going to be somewhat grizzly and gory encircling battles ending with massacre and bloodshed.

Hirst even confirmed that the character of Ivor will indeed push stereotypical boundaries and won’t be a conventional character.

So, whose team are you on? Team Lothbrok or Team Rollo? Excited for the second half of the season? Drop in your thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season. Stay hooked for more news.