Jaden Smith Lashes Out After Death Hoax Rumors Spread, Sarah Snyder Confirms They Are Still In Love, Smith Similar To His The Get Down Character

Jaden Smith is one of the hottest celebrities on the internet, and it looks like after Avril Lavigne, it is Will Smith’s son who has been caught up in the latest death hoax. Reports claimed that Jaden Smith had committed suicide after he found out about his girlfriend Sarah Snyder cheating on him. The news of Jaden Smith’s death surfaced after images of Sarah Snyder and her ex-boyfriend Gunner came out.

There isn’t any information on whether the pictures of Sarah Snyder and Gunner are from the past or whether they are from recent times. Sarah and Jaden have been seeing breakup rumors circulating for a while now. Sarah Snyder was absent from Jaden Smith’s 18th birthday celebration, and this caused the media to wonder if they have parted their ways.

The two have come out since then to make it evident that they are very much together. Hofmag reported that after the photos of Sarah Snyder with her old flame started circulating on social media, Snyder lashed out at Gunner and made it clear that nothing is going on between them. She is still with Jaden Smith and very much in love with him.

Sarah Snyder took to Instagram to tell fans that she was still with Jaden Smith and couldn’t help it if her ex-boyfriend wanted to create a controversy. She showed off a bouquet of flowers that Jaden Smith had sent her, and publicly thanked her man for it.

Jaden Smith has been under the glare of the media throughout his life since he was born to top Hollywood actors, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden Smith has seen the media trying to follow his every step and reporting everything.

Jaden has said that he wants to retire from the eyes of the press and quietly lead his life until he becomes old. He has been in the spotlight ever since he was a little kid, and he has had enough.

After the death hoax hit social media and everyone started talking about his alleged death, Jaden Smith took to Twitter to express how tired he was of the paparazzi for playing with his life. He said that he couldn’t be himself or walk outside the house with his best friends without attracting the media. Smith added that he could only enjoy himself when he is up in the mountains, and that is where he feels he truly belongs.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Jaden Smith had faced death hoax reports. Back in 2011, the media reported that Jaden Smith had passed away in Switzerland after he had a snowboarding accident. The report was immediately debunked by Will Smith, who condemned the media’s attempts to tarnish a young star’s image.

It was again on 8th August that Jaden Smith’s representative had to come out to negate all the claims suggesting that he had committed suicide. His fans had been standing by him all the while, maintaining that the information was false and that Jaden would never commit suicide and moreover, he and Sarah were pretty tight.

Jaden Smith has been busy lately. He has been promoting Suicide Squad along with his father Will Smith while working hard for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Netflix series, The Get Down.

Baz Luhrmann is a perfectionist when it comes to the details of his directorial venture, and he hasn’t been leaving any stones unturned to ensure that the series showing the rise of hip-hop is true to real life.