Probable Release Dates For Vikings Season 4, Lurking Spoilers, Sneak Peak At Lagertha’s Transformations and New Beautified Regal Look

If history is a topic that intrigues you, and you are hooked to television series or even movies, then Irish-Canadian historical drama television series Vikings is sure to catch your attention.

Inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, this series has redeemed a lot of recognition and popularity. The good news is that the much-awaited second part of Season 4 is all set to air very shortly, probably in the fall even though a set date is not yet decided. The fourth season of the television series premiered on February 18 2016, on History in Canada and the United States.

Recently, Katheryn Winnick who portrays the role of Lagertha, a bold and fierce maiden in the Historical television series, Vikings, posted a behind-the-scene video of her transformation to her screen character with the caption “Sneak peak of my day”.

While she was on the set getting beautified with makeup and her hair styled, the video gave the keen audience a quick sneak peak at Lagertha’s season 4B look. As per the video, Lagertha was seen sporting an elegant look with tightly woven braids and leather like a crown with small pieces of metal attached to accessorize it.

This video was not the only snippet that the audience got of her feminine yet regal look. Back in July the fans got yet another picture of Katherine getting herself beautified into her on-screen character, Lagertha.

While Katheryn Winnick’s stylist pointed towards a possible major transformation she might be going through, rather the character would be undergoing a major transformation regarding appearance.

“Vikings” stylist Dee Corcoran pointed out in a recent interview to International Business Times that in the upcoming season 4, the character of Lagertha will have little pieces of Celtic metal in her hair while fighting battles.  Corcoran gave her assurances that Lagertha looks fabulous with the new hairdo.

The little snippet from the Behind-The-Scenes video also showed Katheryn, Georgia Hirst and another actress cheerfully skipping through the sets of the Vikings.

While fans are getting sneak peeks and videos from the set, some spoilers have leaked out about episode 11 of the season 4 of Vikings. If rumors are to be believed and spoilers to be trusted, war is bound to happen.

According to the spoilers, it might be hinted that episode 11 might not be the best for the Ragnar Lothbrok fans. It is believed that Queen Aslaug, who is portrayed by Alyssa Sutherland, could bring down Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Kimmel).

While the plot sounds challenging, thrilling and interesting, there is no such confirmation about the spoiler’s authenticity, for now it’s just speculation. Will Lothbrok lose to Queen Aslaug? Is a war between Kattegat and Hedeby about to rise?

Thirsty for the throne and authority, everyone saw the sheer ambition of Queen Aslaug in the first half of Vikings.  During confrontations about the possible ruling heir being a girl, Queen Aslaug didn’t have any surety about whether the one ruling Kattegat would be the current Queen of Kattegat.

While using Halder as her puppet, Queen Aslaug is playing through with his head with no intention of actually giving up the throne. Queen Aslaug mentions to King Harald that if he wants to outreign Lothbrok, he must overthrow Lothbrok to achieve the title of the King.

It looks like Queen Aslaug is not the only one trying to overthrow and outrun Lothbrok. His ex-wife will also take part in fighting for a position on the throne to reign the province of Kattegat.