Pretty Little Liars: Marlene King Talks About a Film Idea, Mothers Get Freed From The Basement!

While this doesn’t mention anything about the series ending with Season 7, but fans are disappointed with the news that there are going to be only 30 episodes for that season.

If Pretty Little Liars ends with Season 7 then fans already have something to look forward to. Marlene King has revealed while she appeared on Good Morning America that Pretty Little Liars has a whole lot of ideas that can be explored and it has enough material to construct a movie with.

This news has made fans quite excited, but she also cleared the fact that the film will not be out immediately after the series ends. The team of Pretty Little Liars is going to take a small break and plan out the whole idea about the film and then come back to create something exciting.

The fans are hopeful that the film version of Pretty Little Liars will show what’s in store for the people in Rosewood after the show ends. The countdown to the last and final days of the series has already begun and fans are sad and excited about the show returning in January.

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