Dance Moms Season 6: Maddie Ziegler Set to Return, Abby Miller Scares Her Co-Stars, Are The Competitions Manipulated? Let’s See

Maddie Ziegler has confirmed that she will be back for Dance Moms Season 6. Dance Moms Season 6 recently participated in the Devotion 2 Dance competition held at Agoura Hills and the Abby Lee Dance Competition fared very well in it.

The competition is scheduled to be aired for the sixth episode of Dance Moms Season 6 and Maddie Ziegler has still not made an appearance. Maddie Ziegler is busy shooting for the film The Book of Henry with none other than Naomi Watts.

Those thinking that Maddie has given up on Dance Moms Season 6 to work on her career in films must be informed that the star dancer is away from the sets with permission from her coach Abby Lee Miller and the producers of the show.

Maddie Ziegler is set to wrap up the shoot for The Book of Henry in another two weeks and as reported by Christian Today, she will then head over directly to Los Angeles and start filming for Dance Moms Season 6.

Maddie Ziegler is a very talented dancer and the star in the Abby Lee Dance Company. She is not just a talented dancer but has also made a mark for herself with her acting skills.

Maddie has once informed the media that she has been recognized for her talent and casting directors are actually offering her roles without even auditioning her.

Maddie Ziegler wants to be a triple threat in the show business. No one can beat her when it comes to dancing and she has already developed a talent for acting. Maddie Ziegler is now focusing on learning how to sing so that the talent adds to the feathers in her cap.

Rumor has it that Maddie Ziegler is getting herself prepared so that she can compete with and excel against her rival Chloe Lukasiak. Chloe is an accomplished dancer and has also made a mark for herself in the modeling industry. Chloe Lukasiak had also worked on a music video.

Abby Lee Miller’s dance company is really faring well this season. It was being said that the girls have really improved on their routines and have finally come out to win all the dance competitions that they had previously lost out on in the earlier seasons.

However, International Business Times has reported that the reason for Abby Lee Dance Company to win the dance competitions, particularly Devotion 2 Dance competition wasn’t because they were the best in the competition.

There are reports suggesting that the girls won in the categories that they had applied only because the two ALDC teams were the only teams competing.

The photo that has been released from the Aguora Hills competition showed Abby Lee Miller standing with her girls with their awards in what looked like a completely empty stage.

International Business Times had previously visited a dance competition that the girls from Abby Lee Dance Company were attending in Dance Moms Season 3 and they were surprised to note that while in the competition the girls from Dance Moms got an opportunity to dance twice before the judges for the cameras all around from Dance Moms.

There are reports suggesting that the drama within the competition and all the rivalry between the girls were also faked.

Producers were seen urging the girls to manipulate events in the competition and the awards shows are characteristically empty since those participating in the events, already know who the winners will be.

Abby Lee Miller has never spoken about such manipulation in the competitions although she has spoken up about the producers.