Dance Moms Season 6: Maddie Ziegler Set to Return, Abby Miller Scares Her Co-Stars, Are The Competitions Manipulated? Let’s See

In an interview with TMZ, Abby Lee Miller had complained about the producers pushing the girls to exhaustion. She didn’t like the fact the producers tried to make everything work according to their ways. She felt that things should be allowed to carry on naturally.

With Abby Lee Miller not talking about the producers meddling in the competition results, it looks like she is happy as long as ALDC wins. Abby might have to make her way to the prison if the court finds her to be guilty in the bankruptcy fraud.

Fashion and Style reported that the producers wanted to incorporate this into the story line for Dance Moms Season 6, but Abby Lee Miller put her foot down and refused to let that happen.

She has scared her co-stars from speaking anything negative about her to the press and is also trying to dictate terms to the other cast members.

Abby Lee Miller is awaiting trial. If the Pittsburgh court finds her guilty of the bankruptcy fraud then she will have to give up on the current season of Dance Moms and head to prison for a term of five years.

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